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Registration Instructions

Please read all information in this email closely before starting your registration process.

There are a few changes to the Hockey Canada registration system this year, they have rebuilt it and have combined e-hockey and HCR into one platform to allow everyone to access their information easier.

What this means is that for this season all members will need to set up a new account with Hockey Canada; once you have done this you will not have to do it again in future years and it will automatically link your previous ehockey and registration information to this account. It is important that once this account is set up that you verify all email addresses, phone numbers, addresses etc. in this account as LSMHA will be using this information to contact our members.

Hockey Canada has prepared the following instructions to help you set up your account and link your children and qualifications appropriately.

This registration will register your child for A Hockey, AA Hockey or AAA Hockey and is required to be completed before you step on the ice for any evaluations. If you are not registered you will be refused your evaluation slot. This is important as it is tied to insurance and liability. If your child makes AA or AAA LSMHA will take care of transferring the appropriate fees to organizations.

If you have not registered for evaluations yet you should do so ASAP! This registration is not for evaluations and in order to register for evaluations you will need to visit one or all of the sites below. You need to register for each level your child will be attending; if they do not make a specific level you need to ensure you are already registered for the level below so you are receiving appropriate information.

Male AAA -

Male AA -

Male A and Female AA -

Now it is time to register your child! Please ensure that as you navigate through the registration process you read all instructions, waivers, terms and conditions.

Welcome to another season, have fun and best of luck!