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Conflict Resolution Form

Please fill out the form below to submit your concern to the LSMHA Board for conflict resolution.  Remember that before submitting the following form, we would like the following steps to have taken place:

1) Observe the "24 hour" rule before bringing forth your concern.  Often times, given time to think and reflect, the issue can be handled internally to the team.

2) Your first point of communication is your team's Parent Rep.  It is your Parent Rep's responsibility to consider the concern and discuss it with all parties involved. If necessary, the Parent Rep will contact their LSMHA Age Director to further discuss the issue.

3) If the issue does not receive satisfactory resolution after dealing with the Parent Rep, or the issue is such that you do not feel comfortable discussing with the Parent Rep, then the Conflict Resolution Form below should be filled out and submitted.  Once this form is submitted, the issue/concern will be brought forward to the LSMHA Age Director and dealt with from there.

You will receive email confirmation of your submission upon completion of the form.  The appropriate LSMHA Age Director will be in touch with you within 72 hours of your submission.