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Hello LSMHA Members,

LSMHA is please to announce we are ready to begin to issue refunds to our members. We would like to Thank all member for their patience and understanding during the 2020-2021 season.

The 2020-2021 was very disappointing that is was paused in October and then formally canceled in March, we especially are disappointed for the players who were unable to play hockey and more importantly see their friends and enjoy the sport they love.

We do apologize the refund process had taken as long as it has but there were many different aspects of not only LSMHA operations but also decisions and information that needed to be decided and communicated by both Hockey Winnipeg and Hockey Manitoba. Due to the transfer of funds at the beginning of a season LSMHA needed to be patient and ensure they were advocating for the maximum refund for all its member. Hockey Manitoba announcement last week was the final information required to begin the refund process.


Evaluation Cost/Fee

There are no refund for Evaluations, LSMHA was able to successfully complete evaluations for each age category and incurred expenses and the revenue from our Evaluation fees were used to cover these expense. Due to Covid restrictions LSMHA saw an increase cost of evaluations due to increased Ice Costs, Evaluators as well as increased per hour facility rates.

Regular Season Cost/Fee

Hockey Registration encompasses many cost, example of costs for a season are:

  1. Hockey Winnipeg Fees – These fees are charged and incorporate many different cost to run the operations of Hockey Winnipeg
  2. Hockey Manitoba/Canada Fees – Insurance and operational Fees.
  3. LSMHA Cost – Website, On-Line fees for Registration, Equipment, Subscriptions, Executive Honorariums Development, Admin Costs etc….

Total Cost to Members/Hold Back Amount

  • Male/Female “A” Hockey – U9,U11,U13,U15 and U18 - $155 per Player
  • AA and AAA Player Admin Fee - $45
  • U7 – Skills - $85 per Player

Each player will receive a Refund on Registration Paid less - $155 and any Ice costs that were incurred by their Team.

  • There will be no refunds issued for any amounts less than $25.
  • Any members who may still owe LSMHA will be notified and amount will be required to be paid by May 31st.
  • LSMHA will be giving the cheques to the Team Managers or Team Designate to distribute to their individual players with a breakdown of amount Paid, costs and Refund Amounts.
  • Rebels AA Players or Female AA players, refunds for your registration will be handled by the AA programs.

LSMHA is please to announce in coordination with Hockey Winnipeg and Hockey Manitoba we were able to significantly reduce costs for members to allow for over 70-85%% (Depending on Age) off registration fees to be returned to its members.

LSMHA will begin to refund it’s members beginning next week and hope to be completed within 2-3 weeks. All refunds will be in the form of a cheque to the Parent who’s name was registered in our Sports Engine system. Unfortunately we understand that some mixed families have each parent pay different amount but the refund will only go to one parent of the child.

Players who Received Funding or Company Sponsorship

Any funds left over after the LSMHA holdback/Fee will be returned to the funding agency or company and will not form part of your individual Refund.

We ask that our members wait until they have been notified that their team designate receives their cheques prior to sending any e-mails. We also ask at this time that members refrain from e-mailing LSMHA board members for the status of their refunds or any questions or concerns they have with the fee holdback from LSMHA as we would like to focus our attention to refunding members as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about your refund please fill out the refund request form. No refund inquiries will be reviewed unless submitted through the form.

Thank You



2020/2021 Hockey Registration

In order to be prepared for the upcoming season as we get closer to anticipated start we are opening up registration for our members.

With the situation still being fluid we are asking our members to register on the Hockey Canada website so we can have an understanding of numbers for evaluations and team formations. The expectation today is that evaluations will start after the September long weekend as normal. As the situation becomes more clear we will send out emails to all registered members notifying them of the evaluation times. 

We are not collecting full fees at this time and will only be collecting the evaluation fee. Once you have registered with Hockey Canada using the link below you will be sent an email within a few days with a link to pay for your evaluation. As we find out more information we will send out a link in a similar fashion to pay for your full registration fees.

If the season starts as expected we do believe the fees for each age group will be:

Mixed Male/Female Hockey Registration Female Hockey Registration
Age Group Fee Age Group Fee
U7 $230 U9 $660
U9B $575 U11 $585
U9B $635 U13 $675
U10 $685 U15 $710
U11 $685 U17 $900
U13 $735    
U15 $810    
U18 $900    


To register please use the following link:

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